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  • Lemex

    • Inexpensive, general purpose detergent
    • Fresh long lasting perfume
    • pH Neutral - Excellent Materials Compatibility
    • Non-corrosive
    • Class 1 Medical Device

    Lemex is an inexpensive lemon perfumed liquid suitable for general use as a cleaner or deodorant. Lemex is suitable for surface cleaning and use on other Class 1 Medical Devices and has been entered onto the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). Using Lemex as directed ensures Healthcare facilities comply with current healthcare regulations.

    Lemex is a neutral detergent containing a powerful cationic surfactant and a fresh long-lasting lemon perfume. Being neutral it is non-corrosive to fibres and common hard surfaces including normal domestic, commercial and most hospital/medical flooring.

    Lemex is available in 5L bottles.

    For more information on Lemex please contact Whiteley Corporation’s Product Support Hotline on 1800 833 566.

    Note: Lemex is not available for sale in New Zealand. 

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