Whiteley Industrial has earned the reputation of being the most innovative and progressive specialty chemical manufacturer in the cleaning industry and has always been at the forefront of research and development in the fields of cleaning and disinfection. Our products offer superior cleaning performance, product consistency - for summer and winter, and unmatched customer support and distribution capabilities to service all of your cleaning chemical requirements.

Whiteley Industrial's extensive product range is facilitated by our friendly and highly trained staff, covering specialty areas of food service, food manufacture and professional cleaning sectors. Our comprehensive product range includes Bathroom and Washroom, Carpet Care, Childcare, Food Service and Manufacturing, Hand Hygiene and Soaps, Hard Floor Systems, Odour Control, Professional Cleaning and Stone and Tile Care.

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Bathroom and Washroom

Bathroom and toilet facilities have long been recognised as efficient breeding grounds for many bacteria, fungi and viruses that can spread communicable disease and infection. These areas require regular maintenance programs that utilise effective cleaning products to ensure that they are hygienic and safe for use.

Whiteley Industrial have developed a complete system of bathroom products that are suitable for your bathroom and washroom cleaning requirements.

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Carpet Care

Whiteley Industrial’s Carpet Maintenance range offers carpet cleaning professionals an integrated system of carpet care products unrivalled in quality and reliability. Extensive research - including studies involving fibre manufacturers, pioneering research into dust mites and allergen control and product testing is your assurance of performance. All of Whiteley Industrial's Carpet Care / Carpet Cleaning product range conforms to Hazardous Substances Regulations.

Whiteley Industrial is committed to developing environmentally responsible products. Through extensive research we have initiated the use of renewable natural resources.

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A healthy and clean environment is fundamental for allowing children to learn, laugh, play and grow. Keeping childcare facilities clean is of upmost importance for childcare staff, visitors, children and parents alike, however this task can prove to be very difficult due to contamination and health challenges presented in these facilities. Toys, cots, play equipment, food preparation areas and bathrooms are often susceptible to outbreaks and it is vital that regular surface cleaning practices are implemented to reduce possible risk of infection.

Regular hand washing after toilet use, before and after eating, or simply if they become a bit grubby during play is a vital activity in childcare centres and solutions are needed to ensure that these tasks are completed efficiently and effectively. Whiteley Corporation has developed a wide range of hand hygiene products and education materials to suit the childcare environment.

Whiteley Industrial has a broad range of products that are suitable for use in childcare facilities including the EarthSmart environmental range, Surface Cleaning and Disinfection, Hand Hygiene and Soaps and Odour Control.


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Food Service and Manufacturing

Commercial and institutional kitchens, food areas, canteens, catering and food processing plants are unique environments for cleaning and sanitising. To ensure high standards of food supply, these areas require a comprehensive range of products which are designed to remove various food-proteins, fats, oils and greases quickly with particular attention to ensuring maximum hygiene standards.

Statutory authorities regulate both the products used and the hygiene standards required. If these regulations are not adhered to the local regulatory body can take immediate action. Through our ongoing research program and extensive consultation with food service industry practitioners, Whiteley Industrial has developed a cohesive range of innovative products that offer a complete and effective cleaning system to ensure that these high standards are met.


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Hand Hygiene and Soaps

Reduce the spread of germs in public washrooms by using Whiteley Skin Technology dispensing systems. Effective hand hygiene practices helps to improve hygiene in day-to-day practices.

Whiteley Skin Technology have developed a complete range of hand hygiene and soap products which are manufactured in Australia to International Standards. Our product range includes alcohol gel hand sanitiser, alcohol free hand sanitising foam and hand soaps.

Whiteley Industrial offers both manual and automatic dispensers. Our dispensing systems are cost effective, durable and reliable. Offering the complete washroom solution.

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Hard Floor Systems

Whiteley Industrial offers superior hard floor system solutions for contract cleaners; ranging from stripping products, polishes and sealers, and day-to-day maintenance products for every aspect of hard floor care.

Whiteley Industrial’s Hard Floor System range is designed to withstand the rigours of high traffic and extended trading hours while also offering spectacular finish results. All products in the Hard Floor System range have been exhaustively tested under an extensive array of Australian environmental conditions to ensure professional results every time.


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Odour Control

Whiteley Industrial have developed a wide range of versatile products which not only work to neutralise and mask unwanted odours but eliminate the source of many odours by actively killing the bacteria responsible. Our comprehensive odour control and disinfection range offers a choice of fragrances, chemical mechanisms and a wide variety of disinfectant levels to eliminate odours in an extensive array of applications.

Whiteley Industrial’s Odour Control products include our Clean Scent range and odour control products.

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Professional Cleaning

Professional cleaning is a vital function in commercial, retail, institutional and hospital facilities. Whiteley Industrial has spent years working with industry professionals to develop innovative professional cleaning products that simplify the cleaning process, increase cleaning efficiency and maintain performance standards in these areas.

Whiteley Industrial offer:

  • Superior cleaning performance - unrivalled in quality and reliability
  • Integrated systems for covering most cleaning applications
  • Product consistency - for summer and winter
  • Maintained performance standards and cleaning efficiency
  • Decreased labour costs - increased productivity
  • Decreased inventory and training costs
  • Quick response technical support - highly trained staff
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Stone and Tile Care

Whiteley Industrial offers superior Stone, Tile and Concrete sealing and cleaning solutions for contract cleaners; ranging from penetrating sealers, high gloss or natural finish polishes and day-to-day maintenance products.

Whiteley Industrial has developed several educational videos for this range of products. These educational videos can be found in our Education Section.

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Whiteley Industrial provides education and training material for it's products.
We encourage the use of these resources to educate and promote product awareness.

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Whiteley Industrial manufactures it's products in Australia to International Standards. It is always recommended that you speak with your customer sales representative to tailor the best solutions for your requirements. While Whiteley Industrial makes every effort to ensure that its products are always safe to use, some products can affect individuals differently and the company cannot predict individual responses. Therefore careful reading of the MSDS is essential prior to first use. All Whiteley Industrial products are supported by Technical Bulletins and Material Safety Data Sheets in approved regulatory formats.