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Whiteley Corporation Celebrates
85th Anniversary in September 2018

Whiteley Corporation has been a family business since 1933, when
it opened as the Australian General Disinfectant Company (AGDC). The company supplied cleaning and hygiene products for the entertainment industry. In 1971 Mr Reg Whiteley joined AGDC,
and in 1976 the company was renamed Whiteley Chemicals, and eventually became Whiteley Corporation in 2005.

Today, Whiteley Corporation is a global player, and one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of disinfectants for healthcare and industrial cleaning products. For more information on our history, please read the history section below.



Research and Development

Whiteley Corporation prides itself on having a Research and Development team committed to world leading research and product development. The Tomago site based Research and Development team has a wealth of experience and award winning success in the chemical manufacturing industry. Research and Development is a major focus of Whiteley Corporation, with resources dedicated to internal research as well as external research conducted in conjunction with international partners.

Whiteley Corporation continually conducts and funds research that investigates the improvement of health and hygiene solutions. This focus by the Research and Development team is as rewarding to Whiteley Corporation as it is to the customer, with better research comes better products and better products means a better result for our customers.


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ISO 13485 Quality System Certificate
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